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Welcome to VolunteerRescue (New Zealand)

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Welcome to VR in New Zealand

VR Features

NEW features on VR facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volunteerrescue 

There is a demo VR site found here : http://demo.vr-sar.org/

Questions and answers that may help you to enable your VR site are found by using the orange tab to your right and the orange bubble marked ?  (Feedback and support). (login required)

Enter your questions and screenshots here if there is not an answer in the knowledge base.

There is also a mobile app available and for a list of features provided by the app click here.


The philosophy behind the design of the VolunteerRescue is to give autonomy of data and information to each individual group.  Whilst the majority of the operating procedures within each rescue industry will be the same no two groups will be identical and their working practices will differ, VolunteerRescue has been designed to be extensible to suit the individual needs of every organisation.

This trial template for New Zealand offers the full feature list to you as you grow your organisations needs and management.


This web site has been created by and is provided by VolunteerRescue of SKRPC Holdings Inc., Fernie, BC, Canada.